Legacy – Traditional Skills Programme for Offaly


Invitation to Revive Traditional Skills


This Wednesday night Kilcormac Community Centre is to host the first in a series of county-wide workshops designed to revive traditional Irish skills and crafts. Many of these skills and crafts have fallen victim to mass production and the growth in imported goods.  Everything from shoe making to tailoring, weaving, and needlework along with  pottery, woodwork and metal-craft suffered when the factory-produced product became readily available.


Craft making became an isolated skill but in recent years Offaly Local Development Company (OLDC) has been to the forefront in supporting craft makers throughout the county. In an initiative designed to revive traditional crafts and skills the OLDC has initiated a programme entitled ‘Legacy.’ This programme involves the convening of a series of traditional skills workshops throughout the county.


Aileen Duffy is heading up the initiative for OLDC and she believes there is no time to be lost in supporting and reviving traditional crafts and skills, “These crafts and skills were once a way of life in every town and village in the country and there is now a gap in or traditions and heritage.  The Legacy series of training events and workshops is designed to bridge that gap,” Aileen said.


She is inviting everybody, those with old skills, new skills and none to come to one or the series of workshops, “Come along,” she encourages, “and discover which traditional skill could become your new skill.”


The first in the series of these workshops is to be given by Sylvia Thompson, Irish Time Journalist and author of “Irish Crafts hands On.’ It takes place on this Wednesday night, June 27 from 7.00pm to 9.30pm at Kilcormac Community Centre.