Tutor: Karena Ryan

Needle Felting Workshop Mucklagh

Budding textile enthusiasts gathered on June 7th to unlock the art of needle felting at the engaging workshop held in Mucklagh. This one-day workshop provided attendees with an opportunity to explore the captivating craft of needle felting in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

During the workshop, participants learned the art of needle felting an Irish landscape or an image of their choice, allowing them to express their individuality through this time-honored craft. The finished pieces could be proudly displayed in a frame or an embroidery hoop to be taken home.

Under the guidance of award-winning textile artist Karena Ryan, participants delved into the fundamentals of needle felting – a process that involves transforming wool into unique designs and shapes using a barbed needle. Known for its addictive nature, needle felting offered attendees a chance to unleash their creativity in the workshop.

This workshop was made possible through Legacy Traditional Skills programme which was developed by Offaly Local Development Company, and funded through the LEADER Rural Development Programme. If you are interested in learning more about this programme please contact us on legacy@traditionalskills.ie