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 Introduction to Sewing (3 week workshop)
Join us for a transformative 3-week workshop dedicated to the timeless art of sewing. This course is for anyone from TOTAL beginner to intermediate, our classes are taught by an experienced tutor giving you individual attention in a class setting and you can take your project at your own pace. Explore the artistry of hand sewing as we delve into basic but essential stitches and techniques. You don’t need any experience but you do need to bring your own sewing machine! Over the three weeks you will have the opportunity to work on a basic project (Cushion Cover) and if time allows a small project of your choice.

There will also be focus on upcycling, and promoting sustainability, if you wish you’ll have the chance to create your own sewing project while contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to fashion. If you’re new to using a sewing machine, don’t worry! Our skilled tutor will guide you through the basics of machine operation and help you construct a simple project. This workshop is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to make the most of their sewing machine.

Week 1 

  • Basic health and safety when learning to sew.
  • Introduction to hand sewing and basic hand stitching techniques.
  • Learn about basic sewing tools and their uses.
  • Master tacking & hemming fabric.
  • Get to know your sewing machine including threading and using all the components of the machine.

Week 2

Commence your Introduction to Sewing Project (Cushion)

  • How to choose suitable fabrics for your project
  • Learn about the grain and texture of fabrics.
  • How to measure and cut your project pieces accurately
  • How to cut, pin and lay fabric correctly
  • How to mark and match notches
  • How to construct your project
  • Learn the basic stitches required for your project

Week 3 

Complete your Introduction to Sewing Project (Cushion)

  • Complete you project with advice from the tutor
  • Discuss finishing’s, piping, braids etc.
  • Discuss inserts and size options for your cushion projects

If time permits we will allow time for a small project of your choice. This will be decided by the tutor at the end of week 2.

Materials required:

Basic sewing kit including:
  • large scissors  to cut fabric
  • Fabric for chosen project with matching thread (1 meter of non- stretch fabric – this could be new or a recycled piece such as old duvet)
  • 1x different colour thread for tacking.
  • Colour headed pins.
  • Sewing Needles
  • Few safety pins.
  • Fabric measuring tape

*Please note that we cannot supply sewing machines so this class will only be suitable for those with access to a sewing machine.

Location: Tullamore

Date: Commencing on 21/09/2023
Workshop dates 21st September 2023, 28th September 2023 & 5th October 2023

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Ages: 16+

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How Do I enroll for this “Legacy” Workshop?
A: At this stage, we are inviting expressions of interest. Please register your interest and we will confirm your place ASAP. This workshop has limited spaces available, therefore we cannot guarantee a place on the workshop to all applicants.

Q: Do I need to have any prior experience to participate in this “Legacy” Workshop?
A: No, the program is open to people of all ages and skill levels.


Q: Will I be provided with the necessary materials for the course?
A: Basic materials will be available but please bring suggested materials

Q: Is there a lunchbreak?
A: No, but there are cafe’s nearby for your break

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