Monthly Archives: December 2012

Construction of a living willow hut in Ballinahown Dec 2012

Padraig Larkin (Basket Weaver) came to Ballinahown to show us how to build a living willow hut.

It took us a day, and the results can be seen in the video below. The willow was still alive when it was planted into the ground so it will root and then grow. Padraig tells us the branches will thicken up and the structure will become solid after two years. Hopefully we’ll get some more photos up on the site here as the structure grows. It was a very interesting craft/gardening project which explored traditional weaving techniques, ¬†given that the fruits of our labour will continue to grow and change with time.

If you are in the area why not pop by to Ballinahown Craft Village and visit this living growing willow hut.