Sewing Workshop Mountbolus

From the 23rd September, participants in Mountbolus, Co Offaly embarked on a 3-week introduction to Sewing workshop. This immersive course was designed to introduce attendees to the art of sewing, catering to individuals ranging from total beginners to those at an intermediate level

Throughout the three-week workshop, participants had the opportunity to work on a basic project, such as a cushion cover, and create a small project of their choice if time allowed. Emphasising the importance of upcycling and sustainability, the workshop offered participants the chance to craft their own projects while promoting an eco-friendly approach to fashion. For those new to using a sewing machine, the skilled tutor provided guidance on sewing machine operation and assisted in constructing a simple project. This workshop served as an ideal platform for beginners looking to unlock the full potential of their sewing machines and develop their sewing skills.

Led by an experienced tutor, the workshop provided participants with personalised attention in a class setting, allowing them to progress at their own pace. Exploring the artistry of hand sewing, attendees delved into essential stitches and techniques, building a strong foundation in this traditional craft. While no prior experience is necessary, participants were encouraged to bring their own sewing machines for a truly hands-on experience.

This workshop was made possible through Legacy Traditional Skills programme which was developed by Offaly Local Development Company, and funded through the LEADER Rural Development Programme. If you are interested in learning more about this programme please contact us onĀ