Tutor: Dolores Dempsey

Mountmellick Embroidery Workshop Mountbolus

On the 22nd June 2023 participants gathered for the much-anticipated Beginners Mountmellick Embroidery Workshop. This beautiful workshop provided individuals with a unique opportunity to discover the rich history and intricate techniques that define Mountmellick Embroidery.

The highlight of the workshop was the chance for attendees to create their own piece of work to take home. This workshop not only provided a platform for individuals to learn and enhance their embroidery skills but also served as a gateway to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Mountmellick Embroidery for future generations.

Perfectly suited for beginners and improvers alike, the workshop captured the essence of this timeless craft. Attendees delved into the captivating history of Mountmellick Embroidery, gaining a deeper appreciation for its significance in Irish tradition and heritage. Led by expert Dolores Dempsey, the workshop offered hands-on experience in a range of stitches used in Mountmellick Embroidery. Participants learned the intricacies of this beautiful craft, honing their skills and embracing the unique techniques that set Mountmellick Embroidery apart.

This workshop was made possible through Legacy Traditional Skills programme which was developed by Offaly Local Development Company, and funded through the LEADER Rural Development Programme. Mountmellick Embroidery workshops also took place in Cloneyhurke  as part of Legacy’s traditional skills programme. If you are interested in learning more about this programme please contact us on legacy@traditionalskills.ie